Mirroring vertex weights?

I’m in the process of rigging my model. To be quite honest, I’m almost finished, but I can’t help but wonder…

In Blender, is there a way to mirror weights for the vertecies? As in, if I have the left side of my character rigged, can I mirror the weights over to the right side?

There are a few scripts for that. Search the forum and you will find.

This script works:

Awesome! It works :smiley:

Thanks a lot, tolobán!

In 2.4, there is a feature for armatures called x-mirror. I haven’t got it to work yet though. I ended up doing it manually. I’ll probably just use that script in future.

Weight painting also had a mirror feature in 2.4 but it only applies as the weights are painted.

I found X-Mirror… I’ll experiment with it some.