Mirroring Weight paint S.o.S

Hello friends, I’m really new and I came into an issue. I can’t mirror my weights properly from one leg to the other.
Let me try to explain what I’m doing and maybe someone could point what I should be doing wrong.

step 1. I select the bone I want to duplicate(which is Thight.L) I click ‘Copy vertex group’

step 2. I click ‘Mirror vertex group(topology)’ (the other one doesn’t mirror it properly)

Step 3. I go in edit mode and remove the other half from the side I do want moving.

So NOW when I click the bone in object move view port, it highlights my model as all pink and doesn’t have a give a vertex group. However the thigh.L_copy still exists in vertex groups and when I select it there it seems to work, but it breaks the leg when moving it.
Left is when I click from the view port- the right side is when I click from the vertex group.

Please help.

Please anything. Any suggestions. different methods.