Mirroring while keeping clean transforms

Whats the best workflow for mirroring those legs to the other side while keeping clean transforms ready for rigging and animation? I was trying to mirror them and applying scale, but rotations and everything get messed up…
Thanks alot!

If by “clean transforms” you mean 0, 0, 0, you can always have a parent taking those transforms (including a scale of minus one on X), and have the actual object resting at zero in its local space.

However, I think you actually don’t need that. In Blender you rig with armatures, of which individual bones act as parents of the objects that make up the character. Bones are always at rest, you don’t need to create an offset group for them (if you’re coming from Maya), you just need to create, place and orient them and do your object parenting.

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Hmm, let me try to explain my thought process as I’m not really sure if this helps me ^^
First, i haven’t worked with Maya before, if any then 3Ds Max, but I never did any rigging with bones, as most mechanical stuff was just easier done with constraints and direct IKs.
So first: I tried to mirror the front leg, which is separated in three parts. It didn’t let me mirror it straight to the global X Axis but only to the origin (which I thought was pretty stupid? or do i miss anything)

I then though ok, what ever, i just mirror the X-location and and some of the rotations (Y and Z in that case) which worked. I proceeded to apply the scale, which was -1 because negative scaling f*cked up my normals once and I thought better do that. So that part was basically done and fine.
I then went to do the same thing with the second part but rotations just didn’t work out…I couldn’t figure out which to mirror and which not…and this is all just unnecessary complicated ^^
I also wanted to keep the local rotations so I could use the origins for rigging.
Not sure if cleares up what my problem is but i hope so… :sweat_smile:

The mirror operator obeys your currently active orientation, so you can just set it to global. In any case you shouldn’t worry about this. Like I said rigging is done with bones so object orientations don’t matter (except for other purposes such as texture coordinates and so on, but not with rigging). Plus you can’t have an ik on objects… only on armature bones.
Usually mirroring a mesh is done with the mirror modifier, and applying it afterwards (apply=bake).

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Ah ok, IKs on objects are possible in 3Ds Max. But then yeah, makes sense now :slight_smile: