Mirroring wrong :S

I wanted to mirror my character but now this happened:
How to connect both sides with each other?
I didn’t moved the left side.
when I pressed Modifiers>>>Add>>>Mirror it happend

PS Another question:
How to add 2 vertices groups? 1 for hair or fur and 1 for armature?
I tried to add another vertex group but I think I did it wrong :S

  1. The mirror modifier mirrors the object through the object center, to solve this just activate the ‘do clipping’ for the mirror modifier, select all the vertices in the model and move them along the x-axis as far as they will go. The ‘do clipping’ will cause the vertices to stop so that the halves are exactly together.

  2. To create vertice groups click the ‘new’ button in ‘Links and materials’ twice, note that no vertices are yet assigned to those groups. To assign vertices to the groups, select the vertices, choose the group you want and press ‘assign’

Ty but:
2:How to make it that fur etc. have vertex paint and armatures too.
I can´t figure it out…

Create the vertex group, assign the vertices, remember the name of the group, then go to the physics buttons, activate particles and under ‘From:’ type the name of the group in the VGroup field.

If you don’t get it, just ask and I’ll put a picture