ok, im busy working on my 3rd model at the moment, ill be posting the others as soon as i figure out the ftp thing. i have one half of a fin, from a fish, and i want to mirror it. i did the “shift-d, s, y/x” thing, and it flipped it up the right way, but it flipped it on top of the other mesh, not creating a nice join like it usually does. and i cant move it into place, because that creates twice as many vertices on the join, and that gets very messy. is there anything i can do?

I’m not quite sure i ge tthe problem, but when you do the duplicate-mirror, move the points WHILE THEIR SELECTED to where they are suppsoed to be. try and line up the vertices that make up the center of the FINISHED mesh, and then select them and use the Remove Doubles, in the Edit Byttons… you may not want to selecet all fo them at once. try playing with the tolerance/distance.

Borderselect (BKEY) the vertices of the original mesh that will be the mirroring (sp?) axis, Shift-S, 4. DOTKEY (!). Then do your mirror key combo. AKEY, WKEY, 4 (RemDoubles). CTRL-N to recalc normals outside. COMMAKEY to switch back to original mode.


great, thanks guys.