hello guys,
i have been working with blender for one and a half days, and its so much fun…but now i got into som trouble. i am trying to mirror a simple edge. according to what i read i should choose the mirroring vertex, set the selection thingy where i want to mirror and then create the edge…and i tried , and i tried, but nothing…and i am going crazy about it, so , please help…i would appreciate if any of u describe this procedure in a very simple and detailed way, since i am still trying to become familiar with the program and i dont know much about lots of the features…


In the editing buttons (F9) under ‘Modifiers’ there is a drop-down menu (‘Add Modifier’). Go into that menu and select ‘mirror’. You can select which axis to mirror it along with the small buttons (‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’) at the bottom of the mirror settings panel (appears in the ‘Modifiers’ panel once you’ve selected the mirror modifier).
Note: You have to have the object already made before you can add the mirror

Hope this helps:)

animator, thanks for the reply. it was helpful since i had no idea bout it, but i guess i just didnt explain myself completely clear. i am trying to model my head, but in order to make my neck i am trying to have two edges (lines) from the same point but opposite sides. I just want them to be a perfect mirror of each other. so , when i use the mirror feature u gave me, it mirrors my whole model, so in case i just wanna mirror one line/edge, how can i do it ?

you first have to seperate this line from the rest of you head
1 - seleft in edit mode the vertices you wnat to separate then P and this will separate your line

then comme back to the mirror modifier to mirror you line
avec that you can always joint them together if you wish.

hope this help


i feel a bit stupid, cause i cannot manage to do what i want, i am learning quite a lot about this mirroring ,. but the thing that i need, i cant get it…i just wanna mirror a simple line,…how do i mirror one line, if i just make another one, either if i have another one. imagine one point and u want to lines to the sides, same angle, same length, …i wanna know if i make one of the lines, the other ones is just mirrored…thats all…

thanks, to anybody who can help

Try this

Select your line to mirror, TAB into edit mode and select an endpoint, shift S and set cursor to selection, then select the entire line by pressing A (may have to press A a couple of times), duplicate the line (shift D), hit enter, press M and select your mirror axis…

:)tusen takk…thank u all, its so cool, learned so many things in addition to the mirroring part…thanks hogmemberisold…hope to do better work as time comes