I am a former 3d studio max user. There was a feature there called mirroring. Where when you were modeling a character, when you modeled half, you could mirror the rest so the model looked balance. Where would this be in blender and how would i go about doing it? Keep in mind i’m new to blender. So I would need a newbs approach to this. Are there any tutorials out there on this? Even though I used max, i feel like i’m walking in the dark right now, so bear with me.
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I advise you to go on the help and support forum, anyway there<s a mirror midifier in the edit panel. ADD Modifier > Mirror

oops ok…

In edit mode you can add a modifier called mirror. Press f9 to get into the edit buttons, then on the right there is a tab for modifiers. Use the drop menu to get to mirror, and you’ll be set!

Or you can just press “Control+M” and then select which axis you want to mirror it by.

Here is a great tutorial that uses the mirror feature to model a womans face. You can only download the avi file and it is somewhat large but well worth it to help learn some common features of blender. Here is a link to where I found this tutorial and many others that are very useful. Blender is sort of confusing when you first try it but once you get the hang of the shortcuts it’s the best program out there. Good luck!

Ctrl-M has been broken in the past, but you can always scale by axis to -1 (around cursor at origin if that pleases).