Mirrors and windows.

I understand mirror. I go into mirror Transp and then I fiddle with the RAyMir button until i’m happy. I guess that these are my real questions:

  1. What does fresnel do?

  2. How do I make things transparent.

Oh,a dn if someone would tell me how to upload pictures I would love to show you guys that i’m not totally helpless at blender any more.

  1. Fresnel sets where the reflectivity is. By this I mean that the higher the fresnel value the more towards the edges of the object the reflection will be.
    This will explain it better than I can.

  2. To make an object transparent, you must lower the alpha value and then enable either Ztransp or RayTransp

Pictures can be uploaded via offsite hosting that provides hotlinking like photobucket and imageshack. Alternatively, you can now attach images to your posts using the attachment option in the ‘Additional Options’ Section while making a post.

Now then, if I can only find the alpha tab…