Mirrors/reflections in BGE

Hey all, I was wondering how to make reflections in the BGE. I’m trying to make windows on a skyscraper. I know about the mirror tutorial and .blend on Tutorialsforblender3d, but that wouldn’t work for me. I also tried the reflection option for textures and added a sky reflection, but I didn’t like how it looked like. Any suggestions? The attached is how it looks like with the mirror texture on the skyscraper as well as the reflection texture.

The ‘reflections’ on the skyscraper aren’t real reflections. It’s a combination of a material with high specularity, and a texture with mapping type set to ‘reflection.’ The actual image it reflects has nothing to do with what’s around it.

To make a mirror : http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/Game_Engine/VideoTexture/VideoTexture_Mirror_1.html
Have fun

benicourt, i have already mentioned that this did not work for me…

I personally wouldn’t use a real reflection script for it-uses too much RAM. A much cheaper and cleaner way to do it would be to either pick up an experimental pre-release of Blender 2.7, or to wait until it comes out. The reason being is that, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but it includes Cycles texture baking. :evilgrin:
This would mean that you can create a scene for your game, set it all up in Cycles, and use those materials for the BGE. Point is, you can use a glass or glossy material on your skyscrapers and not have to worry about framerate whatsoever. It’s not dynamic, but it’s the highest quality you’ll be able to get. Also, I like your scene, but it seems that the light is diffused before it reaches the ground, so while your skyscrapers are lit, your character really isn’t.
One last thing, If you feel like putting in the extra effort, the revered Martins Upitis has an old pseudo lens flare scene, which you can borrow some code from. If you’re willing to go through his scripts, (he hasn’t exactly set it up for ease of use) then you can use them to produce a very nice lens flare from your windows. :wink:

Thanks, i guess blender 2.7 will be my best bet! And just a heads up, i wouldnt say it’d use too much ram, on my computer anyway, for i have 12gb :wink: (unless, or course, it would use over 12gb)

That’s some pretty sweet RAM, so I can see that that’s not much of an issue here. Unfortunately, the average is about 5gbs of RAM, which is a little closer to what I have…
So for high quality games and machines like yours, not an issue. But Blender eats through RAM rather aggressively, so if you plan on distributing any work of yours, I’d ensure I had at least 20 spare fps. I was wondering how you had a full character setup…
But anyhow, I like your work. For BGE, it’s pretty slick. If you mix up 2.7 Cycles baking with some GIMP texture editing, you’ve got yourself a recipe for awesome.