mirus (Vacui Spacii project, part XII)

Just that, enjoy.
Soon the blend files. :smiley:


If you haven’t seen my other shorts, please check


This is awesome, I would like to know how to make that, really creative, impressive!! 5 stars from me!

Thanks leonnn!
There’s no big deal in this… it’s extremely simple solids, shape keys and modifiers, plus a nice touch of composite nodes.
Soon i’ll put all the blend files, so please check it out and here i am if you need to know something about it. Thanks for viewing! :smiley:

Vacui spacii short films are really a great and original project.
I think it’s hard to get a good composition and dynamic animations with only abstract objects.
Those films remind me some of the Autechre’s music videos.

Thanks, sliv. Actually, i’ve seen lots of this kind of videos when i decided to work on this project; autechre was in there :wink:
Another of my admired abstract artists are Murat Pak, Maxim Zhestkov and Re-Nascent.
The hard part is to make some shorts that has its own life, its own story to tell, using only abstract forms, color, composition and music. And with the project’s personal touch. I hope to get that.

Really creative and interesting work, I enjoyed it!

very very cool!

This one is really nice. I am not sure how you did some of that, like those metallic extruded spikes?

@Atom: they’re just curves with another curve (with shape keys) controlling its Taper (in Geometry, Taper.)
And the other metallic mesh it’s just a plane, subdivided and with a subdivision surface, displace, decimate modifiers, animated.
Maybe on monday i’ll upload the entire blends package. :smiley: Thanks for viewing!

Martin, your animations are about only non-character animations that I can survive (and what is even more amazing, want) to see more than once! Great work!

i’m very happy with that. :smiley: Thanks. And you know, i like to animate characters too, but i really need to do this shorts. Call it Catharsis. :wink:

This is excellent! I love it. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, as DaVinci would say. Your other are amazing too.
BTW, I’m curious, does Vacui Spacii means livable space? And just to get back on the topic, you’ve got potential to make more serious shorts, so…keep blending :wink:

Thanks! Vacui Spacii means “empty spaces”. It’s a project that i do in my spare times, in between animation/motion graphic/design works.
In Vacui Spacii, i’ve known a great artist from Belgium that has become a great friend, Nikila, that composes all the sounds for the shorts. And the plan is to know more artists that download the blends, and remix and do new things with that. :smiley:
I’m doing another personal project with one drawing per day (hand drawings) in http://366dibujos.wordpress.com, feel free to check it out.
Thanks again!

As promised: the blends!
download, play, have fun, remix and share!

good life!

i was watching this and only think


Thanks Kramon! there are four shorts by now, but it’ll be 21. I hope this year i’ll do some 5 more. That’s my idea, at least :smiley:

thanks for the blends, good to see how you do your magic :wink:

Gotta say, very nice, very expressive, good stuff. Much more interesting than the usual around here. My only crit is that you maybe over-used the video noise effects. They do help, but at the level you’ve used them, they are a little distracting.

If you want any music for another one, I do tunes from time to time, a lot of ambient stuff lately.

yep, in the final HD render i’ll have it in mind. You’re not the only one who thinks that; and i must admit, i was excited learning a lot in the compositor… so, maybe i overused some nodes… :smiley:

and about the music… that’s great new, thanks!!