Misbehaving particles?

Recently I posted a question in regards to my particles going crazy. Any suggestions?

Do you have any other information you can give? It’s a little vague and hard to make a proper diagnosis of the situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first thing to come to mind is check your modifier tab and make sure particles are first before armature.

Otherwise you could also have the hair particles on another object and parent it to the object/bone. It wouldn’t change with shape key deformation though.

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Yeah, I haven’t applied the armature yet, so I’ll probably have to redo the particle system on a separate object. Now I realize why certain tutorials have done that. :sweat_smile:

Well their is no reason why particles shouldn’t work on a deforming mesh. But usually they get messed up if you make an edit to the main object. So you have to be 100% certain you aren’t making changes to the mesh.

Yes, I have certainly learned my lesson now that I have to redo it…

Do you think that’s the method they used for the hair in the Blender movie, “Spring”?

In general the whole particle system is going to be dumped and rewritten from scratch.

@tcrmnk Well The girls hair very well could be it’s own object, but her eye brows are probably on her actual mesh. As I said, hair particles do work on deforming meshes with shapekeys, armatures and all. This tutorial still keeps the particles on the deformable mesh. Aslong as you don’t edit the mesh (deleting/adding vertices) you shouldn’t have any problems.

@Acrivec Are you speaking of in the future of 2.8? I don’t remember hearing that but maybe your right.

Ahhh! Sorry for the late reply! I got no notification…

Thank you for the tutorial! I shall look at it. :slight_smile:

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