Misc. 2.4 -> 2.5 transition fun

Late to the party on moving to 2.5x, and run into a lot more minor stuff I can’t easily work out how to fix. To kick things off though . . .

Firstly, if in edit mode and you add a circle, how do you make it get produced in the actual plane you want it? Right now it always seems to appear on the floor and I waste a lot of time rotating circles.

Secondly, is it possible to turn the view switching animation off?

Finally, can the colours used in the UI for vertexes and so on be edited? (If so, where?) On my laptop the contrast is just too low at the moment.

Thanks a lot! I’m trying to get used to the whole thing, but honestly it’s a much bigger change than I had expected.

1.) User preferences—> editing—> Align to view
3.) colors= User preferances—> themes , have at it!

Awesome, thanks!

I don’t suppose anyone knows of a sort of cheat sheet for people used to 2.4 moving to 2.5? The moving of circle select to C had me incredibly confused for a while, although it is somewhat more obvious if you’re coming at this from nothing.

Maybe this?
Now get back to your blenderings, okay?

Isn’t that annoying, hey? Fortunately you can turn it off: Preferences window -> Interface -> set Smooth View to 0.

Hey! That’s cool! It was not really anything that I was paying attention to (I am kind of slow anyway). I like it much better at zero!


Hey, that is good.

Have to admit, after my first few hours of lots of swearing I’m kind of warming to the new (relatively) interface, especially how much better the panels are in vertical form for use on widescreens.

I did find the cheat sheet mentioned above, but that seemed more for people starting from scratch than a “it used to be here, now it’s there” thing. Actually I’m kind of passed wanting it already!