Misc Medical Parts

I have been working on the modeling of some small medical device components to use as training material at work, and I thought I would share them here first.



Cool, nice transparency setup

I know that these pics are not very sexy, hence the low thread trafic, but here is another pic including a packaging tray. I am not real happy with the lighting, does anyone have any lighting tips?



If the tray is made out of milky white plastic it should be way less translucent/transparant.
For the lighting, I have the feeling your scene is overexposed. Maybe use multiple spots with soft shadows (a global illumination setup on an icosphere) or a part of that and a sun to add shadows.

actually i think everythings fine in here, as far as i can tell, what its missing is real enviroment, it has nothing to really reflect, hence the not-so-realistic look :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea! I really like your plastic material for the packaging.
Great modeling too :slight_smile:

I agree it could use a reflection in some of the materials

Thanks for your comments, I am kind of going for an incredibly clean (medical) look to the render, but you are correct it is lacking in realism.

thanks again.