Misc. Pixels

I started pixelling again for the first time in forever.
Here are the few I’ve done in the last couple of weeks:

2^4 colours.

2^4 colours.

A chimera for a Pixelation challenge.
2^4 colours.

A manticore.
2^4 - 2 colours.

:eek: those are awsome!

How long did it take you to finish each of them?

Very interesting,those look really proffesional!

Great job! :smiley:

Good job dude,cool.I like it.

Man, You realy have a patience to do stuff like that… Great work!

i used to make things like that in M$ Paint ^^

Eduard: Probably between 2 and 8 hours each. The mollusc and manticore being toward the eight.

Damir: Probaby no more than for modelling a clean still.

Another one:
2^16 - 6 colours.

woow, that’s really great!!! you should teach us how to do that kind of images!!! they’re awesome!

Neat, it has a very old-school look. What software are you using for this?

I really love this kinda work.
Great keep it up

MS-Paint is my guess… Man I remember those days well, me and my cousin spending nearly endless time creating toons :slight_smile: