Mischief - New infinite canvas painting application

Just saw this today.

It’s pretty neat, but a little pricey. We shall see.

Looks interesting. Stupid name though.

“A little pricey”? Its $129. It’s the cost of a low-end drawing tablet. Or 10 weeks worth of Photoshop subscription. Or 1/15th the cost of a Mari license. :wink:

i find it pretty interesting. The fact that all the paint strokes are vector-based(ish?) is a really great idea. Might be fun to try out, though maybeI should work on my (poor) 2D skills a bit first.

It’s also 2 times the price of Sketchbook Pro. I am debating on which I should buy. I like to support the little guys so I may end up with Mischief, I just can’t get a good smooth color technique in it yet. Really nice for inking and doing flat colors though. Here’s my first try.

Just got an email from 61 Solutions that they lowered the price to $65 US, along with a bugfix update. I’m considering it now that it’s competitively priced with SBP. Once the 15 day trial is up, I’ll know for sure.

I’ve worked with print workflows before and exporting to 300 or 600dpi is a major plus for me. At the moment, the app still chokes with 600dpi outputs around 13x19 inches, though.