Misl tools&files for use in Blender_Skyrim modeling and Tescs3_link to 4_5 , Update #4

Below are a list of tools for use in modeling Skyrim in Blender :
I will continue to add them as I find them and have begun adding
them as links to save data space and be sure mod owners get
proper credit. if you see your mod here in link or other wise and want it removed just let me know.

This is resource for modders for Blender 2.49b
Archive contains prepared full default female CBBE skeleton for import to blender 2.49b
Skeleton does not have breast bones, so it does not support BBP/TBBP
use this skeleton with mods that uses UNP/CBBE/DG
Sometimes default skeleton from femalebody.nif femalehands.nif femalefeet.nif does not have required bones
(for example when you try to create stockings or long gloves)
This skeleton is solution for it, it is skeleton for importing as parent armature before exporting ready nif file
It is NOT a skeleton for testing geometry with animation, if you try to import it with animation you will see trash
Skeleton female for blender 249b-82112-1-00.rar (5.2 KB)

Skyrim Body Kit - High Poly Body Meshes

Animation tool N3-with IK armature

UNP Armature and Animations resource for Blender users by [urshi]

NIF Scripts

Changed scripts for better import and export of Skyrim mesh NIF data for Blender.
Also changed scripts for NifSkope to more streamlined Skyrim mesh editing.

NSFW page

Resource - UNPB Skimpy Armour

CBBE Body Templates

B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor


NSFW skimpy armor

  • Mesh Tool N1 - Mesh Injector
  • Mesh Tool N2 - Skin Injector
  • Mesh Tool N5 - Skin Extractor
  • Mesh Tool N6 - Skeleton Extractor
  • Animation Tools N2 - TRI editor
  • Animation Tools N3 - Animation (with IK Armature)
  • Animation Tools N4 - Mesh Animator[7Base Meshes for Brazen Armor-

For import and export of nif files into Blender

niftools/ blender_nif_plugin

blender_nif_plugin-develop(1).zip (1.2 MB)

Cobb tools for Blender 2.7
Import CK Prefab-81001-1-0(1).rar (2.8 KB)
Loose scripts-81001-1-1.rar (7.5 KB)

Basic Blendfiles with Armature and Body.
This little tool helps you to import and export armors and clothes.
It is a complede Skeleton.nif with body.
Included files:

1 - Male skeleton with complede body
2 - Female skeleton with complede body
Complede body:

Slim Version male and female - Hands, Feet and Body
Thick Version male and female - Hands, Feet and Body

Load one of the basicfiles and then import the armor or cloth that you want to modify or start up a new armor.
Basic Armature-13648-2-0(1).7z (722.1 KB)

Nifsckope 2.0

Blender 2.78 HKX Addon: Import/Export animation files of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
io_anim_hkx-master.zip (15.0 KB)

Export nif Script for Skyrim ( this was from a Japanese site not sure if it is translated)

Export nif Script for Skyrim.7z (2.6 KB)
Pre-Made Skyrim misl models

[3D cbbe body model for Blender 2.80]
(3D cbbe body model for Blender 2.80)

Not Blender related but this is the link for Steams free Skyrim Creation Kit Download

Also a Non Blender modding resource for Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls Construction Set is the same one as the developers at Bethesda used to produce almost all of the game’s content. Features include:

  • It can edit almost all aspects of the game excluding 3D object creation. Unofficial 3D Studio MAX, Maya, and Blender plugins have been released to allow people to make their own models.
  • It is designed to allow easy editing while providing extended operation for experts to create more complex objects.
  • All changes, additions, modifications, or deletions by the editor are stored in files called plugins. Bethesda says that a typical plugin (small dungeon, loot, quests, etc…) should be around 200kb in size. Additional models, sound, or music may increase that size significantly though.
  • There is effectively no limit to the number of plugins you can apply to the game. This means that you can download and install whichever plugins suit your fancy. The game has good checks in place to ensure that multiple plugins do not interfere with each other.
  • Plugins can easily be added or removed from the game. Thus, if you install a plugin which messes up the game or you don’t like, it can be removed.
  • Typical creation time for a decent plugin is very small. Developers at Bethesda say they were making simple quests and dungeons in under an hour when they first started to use it. The editor uses a drag-and-drop technique to accomplish this. For example, you might drag several dungeon sections from the library to create a full dungeon, and then drag in a few monsters and NPCs and some items/treasure for atmosphere.
  • Simple scripts (no function definitions) can be implemented for most objects in the game allowing for practically limitless possibilities.
  • [Tutorial] explaining the layout and interface of the CS.
  • The Construction Set is available for digital download . It also comes bundled with most versions of the game.
    • The free Bethesda. edition does not include the Construction Set.
      The link above is to The Unofficial Elder Scrolls pages with full information and plugins for the below download.

This is the Bethesda construction kit , AKA Tescs3

Much more info for modding the game and the non Blender tools above and other Tes tools is here (The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Page )


For those who want to add a tool or knowledge to this post please feel free to do so as I am a rookie at modeling both in Skyrim and Blender .

Any chance for a NIF tool for 2.8 soon?

Hunting for it believe there is one will add as soon as I can locate it.

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It would be awezome, the old tools is so hard and complicated to use.

You might try using Nifscope 2.0 as a way to export as .obj to Blender 2.8+

I found this, havent tried it yet: 3D cbbe body model for Blender 2.80

yea I loaded that last week haven’t used it yet though. trying to round up all I can find and put it in one place here to make it easier for everyone to find.so anyone that wants to add feel free , been using creation kit but going back to blender too and noticed what a pain it is to hunt down Blender tools for this , :smiley:

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It seems it’s just working with Elder’s Scrolls V Skyrim,but not with Sonic Generations character models.