Misplaced materials in texture bake?

I apologize if this isn’t the correct category, I wasn’t certain where to head to.

I play a game where you can design your own outfits by painting on the template provided by the game, and decided to experiment with Blender’s texture baking feature to generate “realistic” outfits.

The female version of the outfit was baked almost flawlessly, with the only issue being in the areas near the armpits: there are purple smudges in the yellow sleeve, and yellow smudges in the purple main part, almost as if the materials were switched around in these areas.


Since these issues are barely noticeable, I decided to ignore them.

However, now that I am baking the texture for the male version, the same problem is reocurring but much more noticeable:


Does anybody know what may be causing these issues, and how I may fix them?
Thank you in advance.
Blend file [cleaner version]

Are you painting within blender?

Maybe the mesh overlaps and brush couldn’t reach it.

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Hmm it would be nice if the blend file would be cleaned from anything which isn’t needed and a workpace is selected that would just need a few clicks to test… i mean even eevee is selected…(cycles only for baking AFAIK)
Anyway: as far as i can see you try to bake different materials to one UV-map…so the materials:
Main.001, Main bottom.001, Sleeve.001, Hoodie.001 to overlap at the UV borders…
Maybe just bake them seperatly ? After some time i was abble to bake this adding an image node in a material using the image bake male.001 but strangely baked into zipper lock alpha (??)) (left in blender, right in a nimage viewer) but no golden sleeve overlaps:

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Yeah…do them separately…as I believe it is trying to Bake the reflectivity of the sleave material on the Gold Metallic…

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Nope. The image textures were created in an external image editor, and then stitched together with MixRGBs.

You’re right. Sorry, I didn’t think of that. I’ve updated the post to include a better .blend file.

I think that happens when there is more than one image texture nodes selected across different materials in the same object. I could be wrong though.

Is there a way to do that while using selected to active? It just makes it easier to deal with circular dependancies, which are occurring a lot due to the sheer amount of image textures my shaders have, hahah :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Bakeing in blender is historically grown… so it is a bit strange… have to look it up mself every time…

I managed to find a solution!!
By opening the arms a little, separating them from the torse, these artifacts disappear! The logic behind it? I dunno man, blender.
Perhaps because of the way the geometry was so close together it was getting confused and messing up the render.

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