Miss Blender 2009 ! xD

Hello !

It’s been a long time since my last post here !

Here is my latest work:


More images will follow…

The only way I improve this render, is to get comment and critics.

And this is why I need your precious help !
Thank you !

It’s all awesome :Dhave some stars,though her eyes look strange,they are too black,try to lighten them.

Hey, the eyes looks too barbie doll like. Try give it a more realistic and less contrasted eye texture. And the hair straws from her eyes. Make them not so thick. Looks great!:wink:

I think the face looks quite flat… but the body and what shes wearing… woohoo!!! Nice! Looks real!

She looks just great! :slight_smile:

One of my goals is also such - a realistic looks of humans… so looking at your work I am engouraged a great deal :wink: I am curious if you have used the MakeHuman software? I bet you havent… I really have a lot of crits about MH… So pls shape if it is your development.

What I like - the face, the skin at front and side… the cloth (dress)!

What I dont like - her eyes, the skin at her back…

Such a beauty should have a far more sparkling eyes.

Skin at her shoulder is just perfect!!! At her side, neck, arm, chick, chin, nose too… but the skin at her back is too much reflecting! Is it the same??? I hope you reveal some of the secrets of THAT skin… I like it really quite much!

I also like that you have payed attection on the curve under her arms! I think the place under her arm and to her front should be relaxed a bit more though so that her shoulder dont look a way fat…

Your work on the dress is pretty good! I can assume that the decorations are crystal or diamonds and therefore, should have some weight significantly greater than the cloth of the dress itself. In that respect, it is a bit strange to be the way which the sharp curve at the edge at her waist stays… so that at her waist the dress should be a bit loose…

I’d love to see her eyelashes at her upper eyelid bigger that those at the lower one too :wink:


Wow ! thank you for all those comments !

The croc, Meriabo:
I totally agree, there’s something wrong with the eyes !

Here is a bigger render with a new iris texture, that’s the only thing I changed for now:

That’s right. I did a render from another point of view, and it reveals more her “flat” face. I have not corrected that in this new render.

Thanks a lot for your precise comment !
I didn’t used MH, because I wanted to model everything from start to end :wink:

I hope you like these new eyes, with (a little bit) more sparkles

Her back is reflecting because there is a (maybe too much) strong light + a slight blur effect which burns the area.

I’ll post a picture with the skin settings I used. There is a great thread (can’t re-find it !), where I found how to make a good material (using nodes).

And yeah…the cloth needs some work, as you well mentioned it: I have to give some weight to the “diamonds part”. Actually, I didn’t even think to this aspect !

Of course, more images will follow, with correction on the back, dress… and what do I forget?..yeah, the flatening of the face :wink:

Once again: thanks for the comments !

(please sorry my poor english, I hope I’m quite understandable :wink: )

This model is very nice, minor little tweaks to be done but nothing a roockie would notice in the first.
I have no superlatives to describe this wonderfull mesh/render and it makes me even more convinced to keep using and learning blender.

Absolutely thanks for sharing the render,


The eyelashes needs to be thinner, I think they are called that. And the eyebrowns need to look more like hair. Maybe using hair particles instead of texture? The eye looks much less barbie like.:wink: And if I would be you I would take away much of the make up. And make the eyebrowns more dark blond instead of black. Looks a bit like a south american that has dýed her hair to blond.

Thanks again Meriabo for your comments, which are really important for me.
I’ve tryed in so many ways to make the eyebrows using the particle system, but I couldn’t get satisfying and realistic results. This is why “texturized” them.
I agree for the color. I’ll try to make them more blonde.
I’ll post a colored picture, because B&W can alter the way you see the make up, which is in my opinion not too “heavy”.

subtle brainwashing is not really working,

at the moment that is

C ya, Hewi

The face looks a little wrong but I can’t pin-point anything about it. I think the eyes need some work to get them looking more natural and I think you should try experimenting a bit more with the eye-brows. Other than that I think the face looks a little generic, almost like a barbie doll, although this may be down to the eyes - perhaps a subtle hint of expression would make it seem a little more natural.

Anyway I’m nitpicking, overall it looks fantastic, and very professional :smiley:

The pupils should be tiny little bit smaller, if I really need to be nitpicking but again, overall …