Miss Dung villa

These are fast preview images for our lastest project using Blender
Luxcore render
10 samples + denoised
2 mins per frame
Resolution 4500x3000
These are resized image


I like the first image. BTW that look fast for 4K and even denoised. Wich Denoiser do you have here.And what are the Hardware specs ?

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@sharlybg I used DENOISED layer default of Luxcore render
And I rendered with Corei9 9900k CPU, 32Gb of RAM

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Can’t see any dung, so disappointed. :upside_down_face:

Such speed for CPU in 4K is really impressive. Can’t imagine how a 3090 will play here.
Great stuff.

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Haha, that is Client’s name lmao :upside_down_face:

Yeah I wish I could try 3090 soon :smiley: