miss universe

(gargola) #1

Miss Rusia won the miss universe pageant contest here on Puerto Rico!very very beautiful!congratulations! :smiley:

(acasto) #2

she was indeed beautiful !

(WeirdHat) #3

The whole concept of there being a “miss universe” is ridiculous.

(haunt_house) #4

A scary idea of what ‘beautiful’ means. As if a woman is only beautiful with holes in her ears (and metal sticked through them), painted toe nails, paint all over her face and a liposuction. This surface treatment is rubbish.

A women is normally beautiful when she is intelligent, has a good character, eats healthy food and does a bit of sports for the shape.


(acasto) #5

What you state is your idea of beauty, not others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

(haunt_house) #6

I think my approach uses values of greater importance. So bought beauty doesn´t mean much to me. Natural beauty is a better reason for decisions. Everyone can be painted. To be even nastier, I think a dumb person cannot have a beautiful face, because the muscles in the face react to the overall usage. If the eye of the beholder is blind through TV-values and socialization, it is not my fault. And if their partnerships crack up, because it turns out that bought beauty cannot substitute any real personal quality, it is not my fault.

It is not personal against you, I just don´t like the concept of this vanity fair.


(blengine) #7

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i coulda sworn i wrote a reply to this thread! i even remember the words! grr… hmm…
im going to go to sleep now
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no but seriously, im pretty sure i wrote a reply somewhere about miss universe

(haunt_house) #8

Yes, Yes

I´ve read it, too

I saw The whole thing


(joecool) #9

LOL You are right! If we want painted beauty, go to Wally world and but a barbie doll!

             Barbies                     ~               100% plastic
             Painted "beauties"      ~                95% plastic

(gargola) #10

OMG! I better be careful next time i make a topic…I just wanted to congratulate the winner and any russian here(if there are),cause the contest was here on my island,that’s all! good lord! :-?

(IngieBee) #11

OMG! I better be careful next time i make a topic…I just wanted to congratulate the winner and any russian here(if there are),cause the contest was here on my island,that’s all! good lord!

Oh come now, gargola, you know better than that!!! Or where have you been?

Me? I’m getting to the age where I enjoy youthful beauty. no apologies! They only have it so long, it must be cherished while it’s there. It’s not just the exterior beauty, but the innocence they still have in them (despite the adult look of their clothing) Kinda like Marilyn Monroe.

Nah, Girls are great, I’m glad I was one, and I’m glad I’m a woman now. And I’ll be happy when I’m an old lady too!

ah shoot, too mushy (I’m also a mommy of two girls, who I love to watch grow up!)


(acasto) #12

@ anyone who dosn’t like this stuff

Just because someone looks gorgeous, dosn’t mean they’re ‘painted beautiful’. Like it or not, there are some good and beautiful people out there.

If you didn’t know, Oxana Fedorova (Miss Universe) is a police lieutenant in St. Petersburg.

I don’t know about anyone else, but a beautiful woman that can shoot a gun… 8)

(haunt_house) #13

I really will enjoy this contest, if they leave this paint stuff out. Then the whole thing will get interesting. Then you will see who´s really beautiful.

Shooting a gun is nice, raising a child in a responsable and intelligent manner is far more impressive. And much more difficult.

If I had to choose, Karate or Aikido is better than gunslinging.

If a woman wants to impress me, she should be very intelligent and self-confident, without being arrogant.


(acasto) #14

But for a cop, karate only works for Steven Segal :smiley:

(IngieBee) #15

Plus shooting is so much fun! I remember when I first started dating my husband and we went out shooting. The next day, I was talking to an older coworker, who came from England and was so elegant yet a hippy, LOL, and told her how much fun it was. When I couldn’t explain why it was so much fun. She said, “Oh yes darling, it’s just wonderful, you find your center that way" and she was right. The bigger the ammo or the farther away the target, the more control you have to achieve, the more “Centered” you get.

I have to admit, though, that I can’t shoot at a human silhouette. That bothers me, I just use regular targets ;oP

(haunt_house) #16

I can shoot on any silhouette, as long as it is a silhouette. I think nowadays I rather decide not to shoot living things as I decide not to eat meat. I am sure that I can do it and I do not distinguish between a bigger animal and a human.

You went out shooting. That´s not hunting, is it? I hope not.

EEEEEEH!!! Steven Segal

no way

Much more Jackie Chan

The stories of his movies are absolutely meaningless, but his choreography is sometimes unbeatable. Just a fun to watch.