Missile Launch


first post here :slight_smile:

This is a little something I started doing two days ago,

well, I am kinda a noob (not entirly though), so take that under consideration.

critics are more than welcomed :slight_smile:

How much of a noob are you? This isn’t bad for someone who is just starting out in Blender. I would hit the Set Smooth button on the aircraft/missle closest to the camera. It looks too polygony(polygony?). Also everything looks too plain(i.e. no real textures). Add some good textures and you could have yourself a great-looking pic.

thanks for the reply,
Well I am not a huge noob, just a little. I read many tutorials, and blendered a few things. but still I don’t feel like I mastered things out (for instance, I have just learned how to make the smoke and the fire)… perhaps in a few more months I will have a better understanding of these stuff…

the plain has a subsurf of 3, which is alot, but I know if I will use 4, it will look smoother.

thanks for the advices :slight_smile:

you dont have to have a high sub surf. you can just hit the “Set Smooth” button in the edit buttons.

well that made the renderings much faster. thanks!

here is a small update:

the mist seems a little bit off focus, and I am not posotive about the flames of the missile, and its smoke (which looks strange), I want them to be a little bit more realistic… well, I think I’ll have to find some really good tutorial for that…

the aircraft however, looks much better, thank you for that:)

i’ve seen some missile launches and mabie if you were to make the smoke a littile more white and mabie use a b-spline at least i think that is what it is called to make the smoke thiner. and mabie make the smoke fade out.

BTW I think the fire and smoke is way better than i could ever do

thanks for the tips.
about the b-spline, I found out I am already using it 8)

about the tip about the fading of the smoke (I did it to the fire as well), I found this tutorial, that helped me alot:

about making the smoke lighter, I tried that, and it got all wired, for some strange reason, I will check that out again probably.

I worked massivly on the fire so I will like it more (basicly made some animations with the alpha and the halo size of the materials). the smoke however got much wider for some strange reason…


if you want for some strange reason the blend file, here it is:
click “Download”. sorry for that, but I could not find anywhere else to upload it…

any more tips are welcomed :slight_smile: