missile smoke parented but far away when launch?


Any insights would be wonderful

I am making a simple missile shooting from my jet.

I parent an empty to my jet.

I tell it if “k” is pressed shoot missile.

The missile- I give it always velocity and make it dynamic collision.

I parent an empty to the back of the missile and the empty is -always edit object add the plane with smoke texture.

looks great when plane has not taken off.

but once plane starts turning or ascending, the smoke is like off in the distance. missile launches as expected.

2 days NOw!! working on this one problem, game has been in production since march 2013

Im taking to drinking.:spin:

The problem i see here is the jet is possibly already moving at a high speed meaning you can’t see the smoke very well because by the time it does spawn the jet is already ages away. I suggest that you turn the always on the empty on true with a very low delay (maybe 1-2) and also move the spawner (empty) further up the missile, maybe half way through, to allow for the smoke to spawn in faster.
Also one thing that can cause problems with the scripts especially mouselook scripts is objects that don’t have their scale applied so make sure you press ctrl + a and apply scale on everything.
thats all i can think of so far. a .blend would be helpful otherwise
good luck!

This sounds as you have an object scale on either the smoke, the emitter, the rocket or any parent of the empty.

All parents needs an object scale of (1.0, 1.0, 1.0).

HM…you should have seen me…i was on the floor laughing. Grabbed the empty and hit control a > location, the thing worked straight after. Missile plume, chem trail wherever i point and launch…nirvana :slight_smile:
I never heard of cntrl a, do you have any other information about it. Why is it needed? I assumed when an object is translated and file saved, thats the whole thing. Anyway, just delighted with this small victory. 2000 more to go

You’re my guru! Thatimster!

Also good point monster, now its working I have to wrestle with the scales. All is 1:1 except the emitter, I looked in the object in properties. Do I just adjust the numbers for scale to 1:1 for the emitter there? Or will that mess with other objects.

Thanks both!