Missing AN tab in blender

Help pls

Did the tutorial author said what addon (s)he uses?? It’s no standard tab AFAIK… Is it enabled/installed on you blender?

No… he didn’t…
I searched in different forums and didn’t find

Here are his words


Do you have installed the Animation Nodes Addon? It seems that the last version is for Blender 2.93
Which Blender-version are you working with?

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I dont know I just downloaded blender
My version is 3.0.1

this one?

I was thinking of Animation Nodes but was unsure because of the screenshot… but then the video shows it… too bad BlueFoxCreation (Video Author) didn’t mentioned it…

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I just found thanks a lot!!!


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Its says here on the website that it will only work with 2.93 LTS,

Blender changed Python versions which means lots of addons unfortunately will not work.

But it looks like you just found that out yourself!

Does this mean I won’t be able to repeat this tutorial?

Download blender 2.93?

Good idea, I’ll try it
Thanks so much!

older versions here.

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If I download I will have 2 blenders or it will overwrite?

no, you can have as many versions as you like I have around 5!

There is a download manager you can setup too, to help manage versions, its in yr Blender folder.


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Wow I didn’t know, thank You very much!

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