Missing Composite in UV/Image Editor

A disturbing problem:
After rendering, only the rendered image can be shown/saved, the Node-postprocessed one cannot.
“Use Nodes” is on, Properties/Render/Post Processing/Compositor is checked. After rendering, postprocessing runs, and I can see the whole postprocessed image in Node editor as Backdrop.
But in image editor only the Render Layers is shown, not Composite.
This is a multiple scene file, and other scenes work.


Check your node connections. The backdrop image is just the image going into the selected viewer node, not neccessarily what goes into the composite node to be rendered

I have a Viewer and a Composite node to the last node connected, and in composite’s preview window I can see the composited image, and after checking the Viewer, the image in Backdrop.

Finally, I managed to bring back Composite, though don’t know, how. Might have been a bug.