missing dupliobjects (particles) in render

hi guys,
i got a strange issue trying to render some simple particles in cycles. Only half of the plane is rendered for some reason. Checked clipping, but that seems to be fine. What might be the reason for this?

I would guess it’s a clipping issue due to distance from the camera, but it’s hard to tell without the .blend file. How big is that plane, and have you changed the viewport clipping values?

yes i have adjusted clipping to 500 so that should be enough… anyway here is the blend file if someone is willing to check… thanks a lot.

Yep, I was totally off with the clipping guess, but that just proves my point about .blend files. :rolleyes:

The problem is in the material for your dupliobject. You’re using location as a factor in one of your nodes that ultimately controls transparency, so some locations are transparent.

aahhh… great… thanks a lot. :yes: