Missing Envelopes

Has any one ever started Rigging up there module and found some of your bones don’t have envelops on them. That is the case for my spine bones.

Is there any way to get the envelopes back or make them show up I can see the line of the inside but now white outside ghosted shape that when Alt+S will size. They just are not there at all.


Hi fatwilson, and welcome to Blender artists! If you have a bone selected and hit Alt-S followed by 0 [zero] your envelope will disappear. Ctrl-Z will bring it back, or maybe a version you saved earlier. I know of no other way to re-appear doomed envelopes. If all is lost, just replace the bone, and be grateful for the good practice :wink:

Thanks for the help and the welcoming… I ended up remaking the 3 bones for the spine.