Missing faces in UVmapping result

When I was testing the UVunwrap i did for my fellbeast model I used the testmap which comes with blender.

In the textured-view, there were some faces black, which shouldn’t be that way.

I first thought it was something with the normals, but they’re all good.

the img shows the problem:

Can’t really see your pic well enough to guess. Could you post a blend?


i’m sorry, i thought imageshack would onlu resize it for the thumbnail here.
fixed now, this it the right one:

Yes, something weird going on here. Both wings are getting the UV Map of only the Left wing in the UV Editor. I would guess each wing is linked to 2 Materials. Also check that you’ve removed Doubles.


I tried both your suggestions, but none of them worked. Still thanks BTW

First i had a problem with the normals and the adge/faceloops, but that is all fixed now. Even is it was still a mess, i shouln’t matter for the UVmap.

Any clues?

Did you assign the image in the uv window whilst you had all faces selected???

Also if all else fails try the “copy drawmode” button.

You could send me the file ([email protected]) if you want, or upload it.


the blendfile should be in your inbox right now, Fligh %

I cracked up at the “poging_tot” part, made my day!

Hit V in the 3D Viewport. Goto the F9 Buttons, set your color to white and hit “Set VertCol”. Done.


LOL, what do you think it means?

But it totaly works out perfectly. You made my day as well. Thaank you very much!!

what do you think it means?

denkt u dat ik niet weet?

dink jy ek weet nie?

= attempt to or attempt at.