Missing faces when extruding

I’m very new to Blender (Version 2.61) and tried a tutorial where I had to create a mesh-circle. After that I’m switching with TAB to Meshmode and extrude the circle on the z-axis.

After switching with “z” the display I can see, that there are clearly faces missing, although all vertices were selected during extruding (see attached image).

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

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mod_DuschDasStart.blend (599 KB)

You most likely have duplicate vertices overlapping each other. Select all vertices (A) and remove doubles (W / remove doubles). Then extrude.

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oops I didnt read all of your post. Richard is right, select all and then remove doubles

Thank you for your reply, but that didn’t solve the problem. If I select all vertices and “revome doubles” I get the message “0 vertices removes”.

After all I can’t see, how it would be possible to create duplicate vertices by extruding a flat circle with 16 vertices on the z-axis.

I created 3 new screenshots to show you the few steps I am making. Hopefully that helps. Maybe you can take a look at the attached Blend-File in my opening posting.


I don’t see how you have “0 vertices removed”, because i loaded your .blend from the 1st post , and you have indeed duplicated vertices at the circle base.

selecting all and W->Remove Double will remove 16 vertices (the circle indeed was duplicated)
then after deleting those 16 duplicated vertice, a CTRL+N (recalculate normals) repair the mesh normals

Thank you for your help. The “a”-key was the missing key. Now it’s working.

Best regards.