Missing faces when model is textured

Hello! I recently unwrapped and textured my very first model. It wasnt too pretty, but it was a start.

I then made a new model, that I’d be more willing to spend time on. I was careful to assign vertex groups for the halves of my model, so that I would not miss a single face.

However, after I had unwrapped the model and made a texture, a few faces would go untextured. I tried selecting them to see if I had forgotten to unwrap them, but I hadn’t. And now, whenever I try to see a textured version of my model or attempt to reload the texture I had made, the texture wont show and these few faces are seethrough.

I really hope somebody can help me, but thanks anyways for reading. :slight_smile:


Can’t see your images cos they are blocked from this PC, but simple question:

Are the missing faces actually faces? Just because you have a rectangle of linked vertices does not make it a face. Go to edit mode, then Ctrl-tab, and select faces mode. Look at the ‘missing’ face and see if they are actually there. If so, do a Ctrl-A to make sure the normals are pointing outwards.



The image I linked shows that when I attempt to form any faces, just to be certain, that there already are faces.

My UV map is very messy, so I’ll just try unwrapping the ears by themselves to see if that’ll clear something up.
No dice :frowning:

How about flipped faces? Hit CTRL+F or CTRL+N… to Flip Normals.

hej, thanks you guys! :smiley:

You were both right, they were inside-out. You have my gratitude.