missing Filiciss

Maybe nothing to do with the big tsunami thing, but that guy is a great builder from graphicall.org, and I do begin to be worried about him. No recent news, no recent build, he stopped after 35453, which I remember I downloaded just before the quake…
Does anyone know ?

man i hope hes ok, i always get his builds.

I too have followed his builds for some time. I too am worried if he’s affected by the tsunami. I’m pretty positive he’s Japanese.

Revision: 22127
Author: gsrb3d
Date: 2009-08-02 01:37:51 +0200 (Sun, 02 Aug 2009)

Log Message:

Update Japanese translation.
.mo regerenated from the provided .po. Huge update, thanks a lot.

Contributed by Filiciss Muhgue.

I really hope he and his family are OK.

i didn’t know that he is a japanese :slight_smile:

anyway i think a read somewhere in the mailing list, that he is going on a trip or vacation >>>>

Phew. Filiciss is my personal favorite build supplier. He gets all the good stuff into his builds. :slight_smile:

Yes, i too hope hes OK…

His name is Filiciss Muhgue as suggested in the commits at http://projects.blender.org/activity/?group_id=9 Maybe he’s in Okutama Tokyo, Japan(?)

Man, I’m getting worried…

me tooo :frowning:

yeah where is this guy…his builds are great

Any update from filiciss?

Is this guy still alive? Cannot find anything on him recently.