Missing fluid particles :(

Hi, I’m trying to get foam particles for my fluid but whatever I do no fluid particles show up. The particles system say “0 fluid particles for this frame” all throughout the simulation, so it’s not just that its invisible. I’ve tried it with just all the default settings from a “quick fluid” simulation so I really don’t get why it isn’t working, but maybe you do?

My file: untitled.blend (778.3 KB)

Eeeeeeey I found the problem! Seems like it was my baking type that caused it. I had set it to “modular” and for some annoying reason the particles only appear when I set the baking type to “all”. Oh well, at least it’s solved!

When it was modular, did you bake the particles?

Yes, I did

Hmm. Mantaflow can be annoying sometimes. Glad you solved your problem though.

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Thank you!