Missing Home

When I started to project, I had a completely different idea. But now I would like to present you the final result.
Please tell me the story behind it. I want to check if I did it well.
And also tell me what you think :slight_smile:

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Well on first glance he is a prisoner missing his family…

but then I started noticing things.

He stopped marking the days and started playing tic tac toe against himself, maybe resulting of some sort of schizzofrenia or multiple personality disorder, he also marked some days deformed (subconsiously) that they seem to spel HA (maniacal laughter? some kind of demon that mocks him?) He also stopped marking the days because he know it is useless. His prison is obviously not checked daily because of all the mess he is making, but his bed is still made up perfectly, which means he’s probably going crazy and tucking his kid (or in thiscase the picture of his kid) in bed. sleeping on the ground himself.

but then it hit me. Who took the old picture he’s lookin at? did he take it himself? doesn’t he have a family and is doomed to stay in that prison? maybe he’s there out of free will. maybe he’s in a post-apocalyptic world and missing the old world, trying to reproduce it by playing games, making up beds and staring at the picture. The tic tac toe games are all the same which might be som repressed memory playing all over again.

good job btw :smiley:

HAHAHAHAHAH You made me laught so hard!! :smiley:
I must say that some parts were right. I didn’t think about the other parts but they are surprisingly possible.
I’m glad you like it!