Missing image texture after exporting game (UPBGE)

After I [external data → pack resources] - I export my game, which plays fine. The only issue is that the cutscene (via image texture, mp4) is displayed as a pink texture (indicating that it is missing). How can I correctly export my game with these video files playing properly? It’s within the main game folder inside a sub-folder, so I’m not sure why it does not load, since textures inside other sub-folders are still rendering like normal. Thanks.

Video files cannot be packed into a blend file:


For commercial distribution, you’ll need to manually copy/paste/move your video files inside the folder you’re distributing.

Additionally, when you pack assets, file-paths can be messed up, as they’re usually switched to relative paths instead of absolute paths.

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Is there any workaround for this? If I am copy and pasting video files into the exported game folder, which folder would I need to paste into for this to work? Thanks.

Exported runtimes are still blend files ultimately, just without the UI editor. This means whichever file-path you use in Blender, your exported runtime will attempt to use the same file-structure/file-path as you had in Blender.

For example, if you used a video file that is in the Videos folder:


– from your Game.blend, your exported runtime e.g. Game.exe will look for the video file at the same file-path.

More information here:

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Thanks for the help. Good information.