Missing Import/Exports

I use the Linux version of Blender and I just installed version 2.4.
The disturbing thing I noticed right off is that most of the file Imports
and Exports that I used to have seem to have disapeared. Now there seems to be just two or three.

I don’t really use that feature much but did they really get rid of all those or do I just have something configured wrong?

Did you used to have Python? I think many import/export types work only with Python ( someone correct me if I’m wrong…)

I never specifically installed Python, though maybe it’s installed on the machine. I don’t know, theres all kinds of junk installed by default.

But I just upgraded from Blender 2.3.7 to 2.4 on the same machine, and noticed all those options missing. Aside from Blender, I haven’t added or removed any other software.

Which import/export features are you exactly talking about?

Well, if they are scripts you downloaded, then they are probably still in the scripts folder you were using for your last install. If you’re talking about default scripts, they should still be there.

All the ones that are missing are ones that had a little snake next to it when I looked at them in 2.3.7. I’m assuming they came with Blender since I didn’t do anything special to install them. But alas, in 2.3.4 they are gone.

I do have python installed. At least I get a response when I type “python” at the command line.