Missing Import Options.

I am trying to import an obj file into blender. When I go to file>import it is not in the list. In fact the list only has 3 import options “VRML, DXF & STL”. …just checking a previous install on a different PC it shows a long list of pythons that are now not present.

The old machine is XP 32-bit and this machine with the problem is Vista 64-bit. Am I missing something, is blender not 64-bit.

http://www.mediafire.com/imgbnc.php/e0a5284a4e6a8afcd18d1e1b59811e496g.jpgthere is its , you see it ?

ups sorry i didint understant your post , sorry.

You have to get a 64 bit blender build either from graphicall.org or compile it your own.
My first shot ony why you are missing importers, which are python scrips, is you don´t have python installed and the console on starting up blender tells you “Could not find python… some scripts not work… continue happily”

So download and install python in vista64 in administrator mode. that should do the trick.

(knobs screenshot impressively shows all other import options besides the 3 you see have a python icon besides them)

Thanks all, will do!

I have exactly the same problem, but i have python (i think is 2.5) installed. (the consol tell me that python is installed and all is ok.
And it ´s not only for import, but for all the “build on” python script (descombulator, uv face export…)

I have try to install an external script and it´s working well (so i have really python installed).

Thank you for your help

I can only suggest you follow Arexma solution if you have a 64-bit os. I am new to Python and could not help you identify your problem. Hopefully one of the more experienced members can help you find a solution.

This said, I re-installed Blender before I read any replies. A crude approach, but it fixed my problem.

Good luck!

Scripts not registering: Make sure that Blender knows where the Scripts are: Pull down the top header to view the User Preferences Window. Go to the section called File Paths, and make sure the Python path is set to /Blender/.blender/scripts, or if you moved the scripts directory, obviously, you need it to point to its actual location.

I’m not sure, but I think that the in the installer version, they sometimes forget to include scripts and plugins. Check your scripts directory (/Blender/.blender/scripts) and make sure there are scripts in it. If there are none, you can download the scripts by doing an svn checkout of:
These are the current scripts; if you are worried about compatibility or something and you want the ones that were shipped with 2.47, do a checkout of

Windows 64bit Blender: Blender recently revamped its support for 64bit on Linux (perhaps BSD and Sun as well), but we did not have it for Windows until Genscher worked to get all the windows dependencies working with 64 bit. It only compiles with cmake, so if you have it you can compile it yourself (there may also be builds on GraphicAll). I think the dev team has been having trouble because they don’t have proffesional licenses of MSVC, which they need to make official versions of Blender ready for 64bit Windows, and for OpenMP support (multi-threaded fluid simulation!). So if you have some extra money lying around, they would love a copy of it.

The simple answer is right-click on the Blender shortcut and select ‘Run as administrator’ (your importer/exporter scripts should magically reappear).

Running the normal 32-bit version of Blender in Vista 64 should be fine (I do it) - the only difference is that you’re going to get all the usual speed advantages that comes with Blender 64 bit. Your problem doesn’t sound related to 32-bit vs 64-bit.

Not sure your solution to reinstall Blender again will last - you might find that the next time you restart your machine that you’re back to the same problem again. This is more of a rights issue. You can either keep selecting ‘Run as administrator’ or choose to install the scripts to the Program Files folder instead of the user profile on install. This issue has come up before although I thought it had been fixed.

Thank you for all your answer.

I have try to run it as administrator, but i have got the same problem. Just try now to desinstall, reinstall (3 times) and it is working.
Before to have it worked, i check the path for python script and it was the good one but the folder was empty.
Nevermind it ´s working now so it i´OK.

Thank you for all your aswers.

AFAIR, there is a glitch in the Windows installer with Vista:
when asked for where to install Blender one must not accept the default, Application Data or something like that (I am using Linux and can’t remember) otherwise Blender won’t find the scripts.
For now you could go in the Preferences and among the File Paths indicate for Python the path to your scripts folder. This will rob you of a secondary script folder though.
Best is to install with the zip version of Blender anyway.