missing in action

heys crowd,

I’ve been away from the forums for a while. last time I was on is was “el siun”.:slight_smile: anyway I created a new user name and now i’m back . it’s been to be back and I really hope to ressurect my old project. …it’s time.:smiley: I took some time to focus on team management the protocal of the whole development process etc. I think I’m now more equiped to get my project going.

it’s a super simple low poly rpg ( I’m talking like early saturn level 3d) nicknameed “Expresso Rpg” or “cup o joe rpg”, basicly the concept here is a simple pick up and play, arcade/ rpg that can run on almost any pc. lol I’d like to hand draw a coffee mug filled with monsters and warriors from the game. i think that would be a cool box art.
I’ll post some pics soon hopefully.

anyway, glad to be back in the blender community.

I want to know, why did you make a new account? The old ones still exist…

Welcome back. Hope your project works out.

Thanks for the warm welcome:) actually I had a account on a different vboards forum so I couldn’t pick a new one when I came on here. oh well no biggie.