Missing keyframes in action editor

Probably (hopefully) a simple question, but I cannot see the timelines for any of the bones in an armature in the action editor anymore. It was fine to begin with, so I have some half finished actions but now I can’t see the keyframes for the bones so I can’t finish them off (or create new ones). I did do some texturing in between, but can’t see any reason this would cause the problem. Blender 2.34

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

maybe you deleted them? or made another action (but this should keep the keys, it simply duplicates the action)… did you move the window up and down, back and forth? try the “HOME” key, should move/pan you to the (selected) keys.

ah, thank you, that’s it.

I had been pulling my hair out over this one! I had tried “C” to center the view and had (I think) tried “Home” but I guess I didn’t have any keys selected.