Missing Mesh Construction Properties Panel


I’m working on my first, Blender project. When I add a Primitive Mesh Object (UV Sphere, Torus, etc.), while in Edit mode, Blender does not show the Mesh Construction Properties for my new, mesh object. Hence, I can not change the number of segments, rings, etc. in my mesh object. I am aware that the Mesh Construction Properties disappear after deselecting the mesh object for the first time, after adding it to the scene. Can anyone direct me towards a solution?

Thank you!

Is your “Tool” shelf displayed? With your mouse cursor in your 3D View, hit “t”. The properties are displayed at the very bottom of your tool shelf. If you have a lot of options expanded or a small window, then you might have to scroll down in the shelf to see the bottom.

You can press F6 to make the content of the operator panel mentionned by kastoria to appear in a popup window (like it was in 2.49b), but only after having created the new object

Thank you for your response, Kastoria. I had to hit a plus key in order for it to show up. I’m back on track, now. Such a simple thing and yet so much trouble when it gets overlooked.

Thanks again!

Thank you! Good tip, Sanctuary.