Missing Modules in web plugin??

I think the Blender and Blender210 module are missing in the web plugin… (at least the version (2.25 IE) I have), I can understand the Blender210 module, but I guess Blender is gone for space.


I need that module for some “really cool stuff” I am working on to work in a web browser.

I know I will hate myself for giving it away, but I currently have a working (although in need of improvement) split screen demo. :smiley:

oh, and if anyone knows how to set a background scene to the same scene, but with a different camera, please post how. That is my next goal.

Yeah, they sandboxed the web plugin for sevurity reasons, meaning you can’t import anything. It’s too bad, but that’s life.

I’ve done a spllit screen demos, with a couplel different ways to do it. if you want an example to look at go download the split screen demo from my site
it’s not perfect, and the different scenes can get out of sync sometimes for some odd reason, but i don’t know why.