Missing Objects

ey peepz,

i’ve got a little problem.
it seems that when i open a scene that was created in Blender 2.37 and opent in 2.4 alpha, that some objects are missing.
but as soon as you press A to select everything they suddenly apears.
has anyone an explanation for this??



could you post the .blend file?

unckeck the duplivert button…

thnx that worked out just fine
didn’t know it was turned on
you got an eye for things
i can tell
keep up the blending
say aren’t you the guy who made that Lego thingie??

yea i found it


for all the people that are interested in it
check out this site
the crane looks great!
don’t you agree?

WOW man that looks AMAZING DUDE!!!

keep up the goodwork!

yea i thought so to

say ben your work looks great 2


for all the people who are interested is this site
take it from me
his work looks way koel