Missing Objects

I had finished modelling a few objects and wanted to unwrap a UV map, and when I changed the Screen Layout drop down menu, the 3d View has no objects in it. I have a UV Image. For some reason, any Layout other than Default gives me a blank 3d view. When I try to render, it’s blank. When I go back to Default, my objects are there again (but for some reason, have no Light or Camera). Adding a Light does not seem to affect my object, and adding a camera making it the Scene camera doesn’t seem to change the render camera.

When I checked to make sure my objects weren’t on a special layer somehow, my 3d View does not even have the buttons for Layers.

Attempting to Copy and Paste only adds the object into the Layout Panel, and If I change the UI Layout mode to UV or something other than Default, then Click my object in the Layout Panel, followed by Cursor to Selection or Seletion to cursor in 3D View, nothing notable happens.

Am I in some weird setting or something?

If you don’t have layer buttons showing, you’re probably in Edit mode. Post your .blend file to www.pasteall.org/blend/ and share the link here so we can see what’s going on in your file.

Yeah, could be number of things. If it says “(local)” in the top left corner of the 3d view, you’re in local view. Numpad_/ to toggle. Could also be other things, modifiers, lock layer disabled etc. but would need to see the file to find out.

That Numpad / was the problem, thank you. I remember I’d accidentally hit it a few times once I read that.