Missing objects


I’m new to Blender, but I’m close to finishing my first project to upload to Shapeways.

To work on part of the project, I hid most of the objects in view, except the one I was working on, by selecting that object in object view, and pressing Shift-H.

When I wanted to “un-hide” the rest of my objects, I went back into object view and pressed Alt-H. Nothing happened.

I tried clicking on the “eyeball” icons in the object list, but still nothing.

They didn’t get deleted, because when I do a render, I can see all of the objects in the file. However, I cant get them to appear in the editing view.

Is there some mode that hides objects from editing, even though the icons in the object list show that they should be visible?

If so, how do I un-hide everything?

Are they on a laver you haven’t made visible
Are they out of view
Are they outside the clip start/end distance
Are you in local view instead of global view ?

These are just general things to check since you didn’t supply any .blend file for review that would most likely have given a specific solution for you

When I render the scene, I can see the missing objects. They’re in the same locations as when I hid them. I had no problems with their location before.

Being a total noob, I didn’t knowingly move them to another layer, since I don’t know how to do that.

I’m fairly sure I’m in a global view, but being a noob and all, I may mot understand the situation.

Spoke too soon. Turns out I was in Local view.

Problemo solves.