Missing OOPS Schematic in 2.5x

I’ve got projects with the same objects in multiple scenes (typically my buildings in different light conditions: at night, in sunlight, in rain, at sunset, etc), and its very difficult to work without knowing which object belongs to which scenes (what OOPS Schematic view did in pre-2.5s, afaik).

If I change a non-local object, I mess up other scenes, if I make everything local, I have to work 5 or 10 times, everything again and again.

How can one check which scenes an object belongs?

The outliner allows u to filter based on scene…

Yes, I can filter an object to the current scene. But, for example, I cannot check if a light exists in any other scene (except for checking it in every single scene), and if I manipulate it, it affects other scenes or not.

well actually there is a way to see that …
if any object in one scene is linked to another scene(where any change propagates in all scenes) the color of the origin will turn a bright blue.
If they are full copies and not affected by each other they will be normal…

Thanks, it’s good for a workaround.

also sad oops schematic is gone :frowning:

For now. :slight_smile:

alright, may it return someday!

(it is a real blender-thing)