missing OOPS

I cannot find the OOPS window in Blender 2.35 or 2.36. It was there in 2.34. I am trying out the Torque exporter and thought perhaps it had messed something up. But I just ran a fresh extraction of 2.35 and still no OOPS window in the window list. I also tried as other users to remove caching possibilities. Im on Debian sarge.

I also thought that perhaps it had been moved. I can’t find it anywhere else though. Searching forums is useless. ‘OOPS’ is a term everyone uses for all sorts of things. Perhaps the window should be renamed? :-?

All of the above, in a manner of speaking. Look in the Windows (not m$ windoze) menu for Outliner and open that. Look in the View menu there for “OOPS Schematic”.


actually, its called the “outliner” now…

click on the [outliner] button where fligh% pointed you…(its above the user prefs button)

if that doesnt bring you to the schematic window, then click on [view]->[show oops schematic] in the header

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