Missing or wrong sided faces problem at runtime

Hello, I’m having problems with BGE GLSL, when viewing my character in normal blender view it looks allright as seen in the first image, but when running the game the faces behave weird as seen in the second image; I have lost some time trying to locate the issue, but I think I might as well ask for help:

Strangely this is the only clothing item which give this problem in bge, everything else is allright; also I checked all other pieces of clothing and they have no difference in the settings to the problematic model. Thanks for any advise!

OBS: Another question, in the GLSL mode; do I need to duplicate a mesh and flip its normals to have a two-sided mesh(with the same texture)? Texture face settings have no effect it seems in GLSL mode.

flip the normals on the faces you’ve highlighted.

To have two sided, go to the user preferences window (where you select logic editor, text editor, etc) and then go to Add-ons, in here, expand the “copy attributes menu” and click the small tickbox in the corner to enable, then go to the texture face tabs, and the copy buttons will be there, select a face in the model, select “two-sided” then select all the faces and click “copy mode”.

The Add-on tip was very helpfull, thanks a lot, but flipping the normals did not solved the main problem. Strangely at a certain camera angles some invisible faces “pop-up” while others dissapear…below is the folder which contains the .blend and textures, press P to run the BGE and see what I’m talking about, you can press A or D keys to rotate the model at runtime.

URL and file deleted

OBS: If there is someone with mischievous intentions for this .blend visiting this thread, know this character has been officially registered for years already.

Looks like an Alpha-sort problem. I see you set the alpha objects to “clip-alpha”. To apply this to all the faces, you need to follow the steps above, but select clip alpha (as you have done) and click “copy transparency” instead of “copy mode”. This worked when I tried it.

(P.S. I deleted the files now, I know it can be kind of unnerving if someone else has your work…)

I see now, another problem was I was setting face properties only to certain faces, but I notice which the face properties only work by applying it to all the model in question, both transparency and things like two-sided view.

The model I provided was registered, and had all sorts of protective measures(not visible at first), you could have kept it for study if you wanted; I will release it today together with all I have done about my game project until now, if you want to have it for study just download the file at Questverse Space RPG, in the BGE WIP forum.

Also thanks very much for the help!