Missing override popup window for shortcuts


Hi! i like blender and new viewport eevee… but I am maya user and want shortcuts from maya… Here in blender is nice feature that you can easily assign shortcut with right mouse button… but when shortcut is already used …shortcut is not assigned! so its useless! why there is no warning like in maya? it was in maya 2012 maybe in older version… its like basic UI feature for me… lots of programs have this when you have shortcuts conflicts… so i cannot assign W for move like in maya… i must find for what is W used delete it… so i must find two things to set one! hope you uderstand me…also there could be UI with all maya shortcuts as i said Q,W,E, R and marking menu like in maya especially SHIFT+RMB for mesh operations and CTRL+RMB selecting menu… for easy transition of maya users… thanks