Missing Parts

my entry for yafaray winter contest 2012 in both categories, Still and Animation

Still Category: I uploaded a low resolution version (1240x1534) in JPG for preview due the max size limit in the forum. But it’s better to get the final version in the original resolution (2700x3340) from the Dropbox link

Rendered with Yafaray 0.1.2 - Blender 2.62
Post-production with Luminance 2.2.0 and GIMP 2.6.11

Original Resolution JPG format 2700x3340:


Animation Category:

Video resolution: 1280x720
Rendered with Yafaray, edited completely in Blender Nodes/Video Sequencer.

I hope you like it…

Man this is really awesome the stile is unique and, well everything about its great! I really liked it! It creeps me out but its amazing! 5 stars!

The video is not comparable with the render, sorry, the static image is awesome but the video is weak, you have a big impact with the image but with the video, not even close. great job with the render as I said.

uh… scary!

models and materials are excellent, and you’ve made perfect combination with the music. good job!

great mood & style.
congrats on such a cool work :slight_smile:

Congrats Condar !!! very nice

+1 very nice indeed.

Some technical data:
The original image at 2700x3340 took only 30 minutes for render with Yafaray SPPM (core i7)

A chilling still-image. The animation was very well made. When I was watching it, in the beginning, I thought the doll/puppet creature was going to lunge at the camera, and when it didn’t, I relaxed. But then, when it actually did do that, I wasn’t prepared and jumped a bit^^ Wonderful job.


thanks …