Missing Python

Hi folk, Im new to Blender and need a little help. Ive just downloaded Blender and installed it but I appear to be missing the Python script. Ive tried redownloading it and uninstalling and reinstalling but same result.
Any suggestions?
I have a second small window up when I start Blender which is telling me the following:
Compiled with Python version 2.5. ‘import site’ failed: use -v for traceback. Checking for installed Python… no installed Python found. Only built in modules are available. Some scripts may not run. Continuing happily.
The first thing I have noticed is that I cannot access any help files. Some guidence for a comple beginner would be appreciated.

you need to install python separately.

hi Antony,
most scripts runs with build-in python module. Only a few scripts need full installation of python.
I have had a problem with help scripts too (winxp, after installing Blender from blender-2.44-windows.zip). The only reason was missing a file “python25.zip” in Blender directory, because not included in installer blender-2.44-windows.zip (bug?). This archive on blender.org server may be still buggy, but you can find “python25.zip” in Blender 2.45rc1.
i hope it would help you.