Missing "Render With" Pull-Down Menu


I just upgraded my machine with Blender 2.49b and don’t have the pull down menu right under the “Render” button. I am in “Scene/Render Buttons” and there is just no pull down allowing me to select the render engine that I want to use. So has it moved in the new release and I just can’t find it, or is there something wrong with my install of Blender?

Thanks for the help in advance


p.s. My blender skills are just above Noob so please be gentle with me.

Yafray which was the other built in renderer has been removed in 2.49 as development on it had stopped and it hadn’t been updated for a number of years. There are many other external renderers that can be used via scripts. Your question comes up many many times so just do a forum search for renderers or look at http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/external-renderers/


Thanks for your help and the quick response.