Missing Renders! Help!

As the title suggests, I can’t find my renders, and the few sources I could find on the subject don’t help.

I’m using 2.45 (I like the newer ones, but prefer this one) and can’t figure out what to do.

If anyone out there could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


If you cannot find your renders you should really start to be more organised. Create a ‘Saved Renders’ folder or create project folder and save them there. Unforunately you’re the only person who knows after you created you rendered image, where you saved then after pressing F3.

I’m used to them appearing in the ‘tmp’ folder, and on the computer I’m using, it wasn’t there. I had to create it in the right place.

I’ve done that before on other computers, and it recognized the folder as if it were already there, so I don’t understand the problem. The default setting is for /tmp.

The problem has solved itself, it seems. Things are rendering correctly now.

Thank you for your help! I greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile: